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Precautions For Pregnant Women To Take Oxygen

Jul 24, 2018

Pay attention to the time of oxygen absorption

Pregnant mothers can't have oxygen without oxygen irregular,. They want to suck as much as they want, and they can't take two days to stop. The correct attitude is to follow certain rules, scientific oxygen, do not take too long time, 10 to 20 minutes is good, do not exceed 30 minutes, after a week of continuous suction, the interval between one to two weeks, then according to the doctor's instructions And set.

Be careful not to inhale oxygen at high concentrations

The attention concentration of pregnant women should not be too large, and the oxygen inhalation flow rate must be controlled below 1 liter/min. This is because if the pregnant mother continuously inhales oxygen for a long time and the concentration of blood oxygen in the body is too high, it will stimulate the fetal blood vessels through the placenta. In particular, the retinal blood vessels in which the fetus is developing are extremely sensitive to high concentrations of oxygen, which may cause damage and obstruction of the retinal vascular endothelium, which may cause problems such as retinopathy and glaucoma.