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Oxygen Analyzer An Oxygen Sensor Consisting Of Zirconia Solid Electrolyte

Oct 20, 2017

Oxygen analyzer is a zirconia solid electrolyte composed of oxygen sensor, the signal change is a new microprocessor as the core of the intelligent online analytical instruments. Mainly used for air separation, chemical process oxygen content automatic analysis; semiconductor, magnetic materials production; float glass, cement building materials industry; various industrial furnaces, heat treatment process of automatic analysis of oxygen content and electronic components, bio-pharmaceutical and other scientific research.

Oxygen analyzer features are:

1. Sensor and transmitter with integrated structure, aluminum chassis than the same type of light weight of the smallest equipment.

2. Large-screen LCD dot matrix display, man-machine dialogue.

3. Chinese menu function selection.

4. The measurement data is automatically stored, with paperless recorder function.

5. Measured value upper and lower limit alarm output arbitrary setting.

6. The range automatically switches.

7. Communication RS232.

Oxygen analysis products, built-in precision flowmeter, can monitor the gas temperature and pressure and other parameters, and nice, easy to use, thanks to high performance imported sensor, the machine has maintained a high precision, high stability, long Life, etc., once promoted, has been widely recognized by users and praise.