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Oxygen Analyzer And Gas Analyzer System Shutdown Method

Oct 13, 2017

Oxygen analyzer and gas analyzer system shutdown method

We all know that the air and gas in the gas complex, there are water, impurities and corrosive, etc., will cause pollution to the analyzer. Oxygen analyzer In normal use of the gas and the analyzer to reach a balance point, the degree of damage to the analyzer is slow, shut down off the contrary, and we use the appliance is a reason. Such as a TV, watching TV every day and idle for half a year or even later to compare, then the idle TV is more likely to break.

According to my years of experience in gas analysis equipment industry and is really a case. I found some laboratory gas analyzers and industrial process gas on-line detection system, because the shelved and factory shutdown power idle, Oxygen analyzer resulting in gas detection instrument circuit aging and due to the normal sampling of residual gas sample gas pipeline and accessories corrosion The Feel sad and sorry, these conditions can be avoided. Why can not the gas detector reach the life it should use? In the final analysis, the use of in-line gas analyzers and portable gas analyzers does not know how to maintain and archive it.

Sealed gas analyzer, there are three main steps:

1, test the gas analyzer of the entire air tightness is good whether there is leakage.

2,99.999% of the high purity nitrogen gas valve connected to the gas analyzer inlet, the gas in the original residual gas purge (system purge for three minutes, a single table purge for a minute is enough).

3, with nitrogen gas purge clean, Oxygen analyzer watching the flow meter on the analyzer to slowly lower the pressure valve (flow within 400 ml on it). After sealing the gas analyzer outlet, look at the flow meter flow is not in the 400 ml, then sealed the gas analyzer inlet to OK.