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Oxygen Analyzer High Stability Long Life And Other Advantages

Nov 03, 2017

Oxygen analyzer is a high-end oxygen analysis products, built-in precision flow meter, gas temperature and pressure monitoring parameters, and nice, easy to use operation, thanks to high-performance imported sensors, the machine maintains a consistently high Precision, high stability, long life and other advantages, once promoted, the user has been widely recognized and praised.


1. High-performance ion-flow oxygen sensor, with high accuracy, long service life, good stability, fast response and so on.

(2) Adopting the imported complete circuit board and sensor from Austria, effectively guarantee the high performance, long-term stability and long life of the whole machine.

3. Built-in precision pressure and temperature sensors, through the compensation algorithm to effectively reduce the gas temperature and pressure changes on the measurement results.

4 using South Korea imported 240 * 128 high-brightness LCD display, with high brightness, viewing angle and so on.

5 to provide 4 ~ 20mA analog and RS232 / RS485 digital output function, which can facilitate the interaction with peripherals such as PLC, computer and so on.

Life: ≧ 5 years (under normal conditions).

Product Warranty: 2 years.

Analysis range: 10 ~ 99.99% (O2).

Analytical resolution: 0.01%.

Measurement accuracy: ≦ ± 1% F.S.

Response time: ≦ 15S (T90).

Flow requirements: 0.5-0.7L / M.

Flow error: ± 0.1L.

Exit pressure: close to atmospheric pressure.

Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ∽ 50 ℃.

Humidity: ≦ 90% RH.

Digital signal: RS232 / RS485 (Modbus).

Analog signal: 4 ∽ 20mA (maximum load: 750 Europe).

Machine power consumption: ≦ 6W.

Working voltage: AC100V ~ 240V50 / 60Hz.

Housing Material: Aluminum (silver white).

Outer airway: Φ6 * 1PU tube.

Overall dimensions: 150 (L) * 150 (W) * 156 (H).

Hole size: 136mm (W) * 136mm (H).