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Oxygen Analyzer Oxygen Sensor Composed Of Zirconia Solid Electrolyte

Sep 29, 2017

Oxygen Analyzer is an oxygen sensor composed of zirconia solid electrolyte, and the signal change is an intelligent on-line analytical instrument which is composed of a new microprocessor. It is mainly used for air separation, automatic analysis of oxygen content in chemical process, semiconductor, magnetic material production, float glass, cement building materials industry, various industrial furnaces, automatic oxygen content analysis in heat treatment process and electronic components, bio-pharmacy and other scientific research.

Oxygen Analyzer Features:

1. The sensor and transmitter adopt the integrative structure, the aluminum alloy chassis is the smallest weight light volume than the similar instrument.

2. Large-screen LCD lattice display, man-machine dialogue.

3. Chinese menu type function choice.

4. Automatic storage of measurement data, with paperless recorder function.

5. The upper and lower limit alarm output is arbitrarily set.

6. Range Automatic switch.

7. Communication RS232.

Usage considerations

Oxygen Analyzer in accordance with the principle of different, generally can be divided into three categories: fuel cell oxygen Analyser, zirconia zirconium oxide sensor, magnetic oxygen analyzer. Oxygen analysis equipment in the use of a lot of attention, otherwise it is very easy to appear analysis results inaccurate and so on. Therefore, the network summed up a few points of attention for your reference:

1, Oxygen Analyzer before the initial commissioning, should be on the connection points, solder joints, valves, such as leak detection to ensure that the oxygen in the air will not seep into the pipeline and instrumentation inside, resulting in high measurement values.

2. Before using the instrument again, it is necessary to purify the piping system, remove the air from the leak, and ensure that the sampling pipe is not leaking into the air.

3. The change of oxygen content in the sample gas will be affected by the pipe material and surface roughness, so it is common to use copper tube or polished stainless steel pipe instead of pipe, rubber hose, etc.

4, the micro-analysis, to avoid a variety of pipe fittings, valves, table first-class dead air pollution caused by the sample, it is necessary to simplify the air system as far as possible, the connection part of the dead angle is small. Power to prevent the escape of dissolved oxygen caused by pollution, the best use of water seals, oil seals and wax seals and other equipment to ensure accurate data.