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Oxygen AnalyzerTypes Are Widely Used

Aug 25, 2017

Oxygen meter is an industrial online process analysis instrument, not only widely used in heating furnace, chemical reaction vessels, wells, industrial nitrogen and other occasions in the mixed gas oxygen concentration detection, but also a lot of water for the boiler dissolved oxygen, sewage Detection of dissolved oxygen in effluent from treatment unit. Oxygen meter more types, different detection principles, targeted, and therefore should be based on different occasions, different process conditions to select the appropriate instrument.


1. Sensor and transmitter with integrated structure, aluminum chassis than similar equipment, the smallest weight of the smallest

2. Large-screen LCD dot matrix display, man-machine dialogue

3. Chinese menu function selection

4. The measurement data is automatically stored and has a paperless recorder function

5. Measured value upper and lower limit alarm output arbitrary setting

6. The range automatically switches

7. Communication RS232

Instrument features

The original imported wide area than the sensor for the measurement unit, high precision measurement, fast response, no power consumption does not consume life, interchangeability and other characteristics, any point calibration to meet the entire range of measurement accuracy, one-way or two-way RS232 or RS485 communication , Can and computer to achieve one-way and two-way communication, measuring range 1PPm-25.00% O2, automatic switching range, no reference gas, from the working environment of oxygen concentration, high precision temperature automatic compensation system to eliminate the impact of ambient temperature Range of AC power supply, a wider range of applications.

Oxygen analysis instruments in accordance with the principle of different, generally can be divided into three categories: fuel cell oxygen analyzer, zirconia zirconia sensor, magnetic oxygen analyzer. Oxygen analysis equipment in use there are many considerations, or prone to analysis results are not accurate and so on.

1, oxygen analyzer in the first opening, should be on the connection point, solder joints, valves and other leaks to ensure that the oxygen in the air will not reverse into the pipeline and the instrument inside, resulting in high measurement values.

2, before using the instrument again, to purify the pipeline system, the air will be blown away from the clean, while ensuring that the connection to the sampling pipeline did not leak into the air.

3, the sample gas oxygen content changes will be affected by the pipe material and surface roughness, so the general connection pipe selection of brass or polished stainless steel tube, rather than the use of plastic pipe, rubber tube and so on.

4, micro-analysis, to avoid all kinds of pipe fittings, valves, watches and other dead ends of the sample gas pollution, it is necessary to simplify the air system as much as possible, the connection dead ends. The power to prevent the dissolution of dissolved oxygen caused by pollution, it is best to use water seal, oil seal and wax seal and other equipment, in order to ensure accurate data.