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Oxygen Concentrator Is Better Than Other Forms Of Oxygen Supply

Jun 22, 2018

With the help from the products supplied by Longfian, patients can be treated at home with oxygen therapy. We can offer the patient the optimal medical oxygen therapy solution to meet their individual requirements. The popular models used at home is the 1L/3L/5L/8L/10L machine.

An electrically-operated device that concentrates the oxygen content of normal room air to approximately 90% at flow rates up to 1L/3L/5L /8L/10L /min. Concentrators are convenient, cost-effective, do not require refills and are aesthetically attractive. Of all the delivery systems used by oxygen-dependent patients, oxygen concentrators are the most common and usually the most economical method to provide oxygen therapy at home. An oxygen concentrator is an electrical device that uses sieve-bed technology to extract oxygen from the surrounding air. This oxygen is then delivered to the patient using a plastic tube connected to a nasal cannula or facemask. The advantages of a concentrator over other forms of oxygen supply are:

·         Concentrators provide a continuous supply of oxygen, while requiring very low maintenance

·         The concentrator stays in the room inwhich it is placed and the person using the device can use a longer length of oxygen tubing to move around the house without having to move the concentrator

·         A concentrator can be combined with a  Medical Oxygen cylinder as a back-up and in case of power outages

·         Concentrators are highly cost-efficient