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Oxygen Concentrator Outputs Pure Oxygen How To Oxygen Work

Jun 05, 2017

  Oxygen Concentrator Outputs Pure Oxygen How to Oxygen Work

  Oxygen Overview

  Oxygen generator is a medical device that provides oxygen to treat patients with respiratory diseases. Oxygen concentrator Oxygen is pure than oxygen in the surrounding air. Oxygen generator has become a more popular compressed oxygen tank. With oxygen cans, oxygen concentrators do not run leaks, causing a risk of explosion or fire. For this reason, the oxygen concentrator is safe for high probability of accidents in emergencies and military situations. Oxygen generator is also used for some industrial applications, but its main use is treatment.

  Mechanical oxygen

  Ambient air consists of about 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen. Oxygen machine sucks around the air, the center of oxygen screening out of nitrogen, pure oxygen to leave. The oxygen machine contains two towers filled with aluminosilicate zeolites. The indoor air is compressed and extracted into these towers, where the aluminosilicate absorbs the nitrogen. Followed by the discharge of nitrogen in the molecular sieve tower, where it was kept until the patient needed a storage tank to pump pure oxygen. There are fixed and mobile oxygen generators, both of which escape traditional energy, as well as discarded batteries.

  On-demand oxygen supply technology

  On-demand oxygen supply technology is a new development that is incorporated into most of the new oxygen oxygen therapy. Traditionally, oxygen concentrators have provided a continuous supply of oxygen to the patient, regardless of whether the patient is inhalation or exhalation. The pulse dose system provides a fixed increment corresponding to the oxygen in the inhaled component of the patient's respiratory cycle. In doing so, the pulse dose technique can prevent oxygen from being wasted and increase the efficiency of the oxygen concentrator. Pulse-dose technology is particularly important for portable oxygen concentrators, which have limited storage.