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Oxygen In The Professional Sphere

Oct 16, 2017

    Oxygen is widely used in multi-step therapies, in the clinical applications, in emergency and first aid situations. In most cases it is supplied under medical supervision and O-Pur cans are not, as a rule, provided for such cases.Complementing the small and handy O-Pur cans are small pressure containers supplying 60 and 110 liters of oxygen. They allow uninterrupted oxygen supply for 15 and 28 minutes. Special valves and optional medically approved manometersallow control of the oxygen flow, so that it never exceeds 4 l/min.With their convenient size and weight of 1.1 kg they are ideal for mobile applications, both in home oxygen therapies or for residential doctors.

     Oxygen becomes part of many productsOxygen is the true POWER-Stuff. You can drink it, inhale it normally and under pressure, apply it to your skin or even soap it up.Mineral waters with additional oxygen are becoming the latest fad. They contain on average 15-25% more oxygen than normal water and provide the body with additional oxygen through the stomach and the digestive tract – a welcome addition complementing the traditional method via lungs and skin, as recent studies have evidenced.Shower gels are now saturated with oxygen which swims, like a pearl in the liquid. It provides a fresh feeling after the shower and revitalizes the skin.Advancing age, pollution, smoking and stress retard oxygen absorption through the skin. It looks tired and wrinkles. Oxygen in body crèmes revitalize the skin.More effective than crèmes are however specialized skin treatments. Cosmeticians apply oxygen showers to the skin and the oxygen jet follows the wrinkles.1) Margaret Minker / Renate Scholz: Naturheilwesen, Hamburg 19852) Manfred von Ardenne: Physiologische und technische Grundlagen der Sauerstoff Mehrschritt-Therapie, in: Dr. med. Gunther Seng et al. (Hgg.): Naturheilverfahren und Homöopathie, Stuttgart 1989.