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Oxygen Sensor Failure Phenomenon

Jun 15, 2017

  Oxygen sensor failure phenomenon

  Oxygen sensor poisoning is a frequent occurrence and more difficult to control a failure, especially in the often use of leaded gasoline cars, even the new oxygen sensor, can only work thousands of kilometers. If only a slight lead poisoning, then use a box of lead-free gasoline, you can eliminate the oxygen sensor surface lead, to return to normal work. But often due to the high exhaust temperature, leaving the lead into its internal, hinder the proliferation of oxygen ions, so that oxygen sensor failure, then only can be replaced.

  In addition, oxygen sensor silicon poisoning is also common. In general, the silicon dioxide and silicone rubber gaskets produced by the combustion of silicon compounds contained in gasoline and lubricants use improperly emitting silicone gases that will render the oxygen sensor ineffective, thus using good quality fuel and lubricants The Repair and use the right to choose and install the rubber washer, do not apply the sensor on the use of the manufacturer outside the provisions of the use of solvents and anti-sticking agent.

  By observing the color of the top part of the oxygen sensor can also determine the fault:

  ① light gray top: This is the normal color of the oxygen sensor;

  ② white top: caused by silicon pollution, this time must be replaced with oxygen sensor;

  ③ brown top: caused by lead pollution, if serious, must also replace the oxygen sensor;

  ④ black top: caused by carbon deposition, in the exclusion of engine carbon deposition failure, the general can automatically remove the oxygen sensor on the carbon deposition.