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Oxygen Therapy Is The Most Popular Way Of Health Care

Sep 29, 2020

So, how should we use the oxygen machine for home oxygen therapy?

1. The patient’s attending physician will analyze the arterial blood gas to measure the arterial partial pressure of oxygen and oxygen saturation. According to the measurement results, the doctor will diagnose whether home oxygen therapy is available, and perform it under the guidance of the doctor. 

2. Oxygen source: Rich oxygen content and the oxygen concentration is above 45%, and the high oxygen concentration is above 90%.

3. Accurately use various oxygen tubes. Normally, nasal congestion is used to inhale oxygen in the front nostrils. The patient will feel more comfortable and convenient without affecting eating.

4. Grasp the flow rate of the oxygen concentrator: In order to obtain a better oxygen therapy effect, the flow rate should be 1~3 liters/min, and the oxygen should be inhaled for at least 1 hour a day. Do not reduce the oxygen inhalation time by yourself.

5. Clean and disinfect the oxygen suction tube: clean the nasal congestion tube of the oxygen generator, once a day, wash it with water and then dry it, wash the humidification tank with water once a day, and change to cold boiled water, purified water or distilled water once a day .

6. Observe the effect of oxygen inhalation: If the oxygen inhaled is stable, the breathing is stable, the heart rate is normal, and the blood oxygen content rises, the effect is better.

7. Record the oxygen therapy log, oxygen therapy time, oxygen flow, and conditions after oxygen therapy to provide a basis for doctors' diagnosis and treatment.

The use of oxygen concentrator has brought great convenience to the treatment of patients. Of course, we can also inhale oxygen regularly for oxygen health care to improve health. We should have a right understanding of the oxygen concentrator and use it properly