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Oxygenation For Life - Protecting Mountains And Rivers

Jan 08, 2021

2020 is a year worth remembering.

This year, there have been too many grief and pain, too many tears and laughter, too many feelings and sighs...

This year is a turning point. It is a year for everyone, every nation, and every country to brave the wind and waves.

This year, we should all pay tribute to ourselves, to the friends around us who have helped us, and to all the strangers who have resisted the covid 19 and marched together!


The oxygen concentrator rushes to help Wuhan, day and night!

Domestic stability, global explosion,

Longfian as a professional manufacturer of oxygen generators in China,It is incumbent,Contribute to world peace!


Expand production, recruit fighters,

The boss led all the staff to participate,

The workshop is busy, every day and night,

On the way home in the early morning, peace in my heart,

The Chinese Embassy is concerned, and the Russian President ordered it.because this country is need oxygen concentrator urgently.