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The Role And Use Of Ozone Generator

Jul 24, 2018

The ozone generator is an air or water purification device whose main function is to use ozone to kill bacteria and filter pollutants. Ozone is a form of oxygen, but its stability is much smaller than the usual O2. Ozone is naturally present in the environment, mostly concentrated in the upper part of the atmosphere, helping to counteract UV radiation. Ozone concentrations below the atmosphere can cause serious health problems because ozone is highly toxic to humans and most other organisms.

Ozone generators are widely used and are considered to treat a variety of diseases. It can effectively remove bacteria, fungi and some viruses, help purify the body and strengthen the body's function.

The main purpose of the ozone generator is to purify the air environment because this reactive oxygen is believed to help absorb dust and kill bacteria and mold.

Ozone generators are also widely used to replace chlorine-purified water, especially in household bathtubs.