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Ozone Generator Application

Mar 09, 2017

Ozone generators can be divided into: wall-mounted ozone generator, ozone, ozone sterilizer, ozone generator, ozone ozone disinfection sterilization equipment, water treatment equipment, swimming pool ozone disinfection equipment, medical ozone generators, ozone disinfection of food plants of ozone disinfector, farms, hotels, ozone generator, ozone disinfection machines, car workshop equipment. Qingdao d manufacturer specialized in the production of the ozone generator, ozone generator, ozone generator manufacturers in the most professional you are welcome to inquire.

Ozone generator application areas:

1. beverage processing industries: such as pure water, mineral water, drinks of all kinds of water disinfection.

2. fruit and vegetable processing industries: such as water storage, preservation, processing of fruit and vegetable production, and so on.

3. food processing industries such as production, production workshop, aseptic, production equipment, tools, etc.

4. the pharmaceutical industry: production, central air conditioning systems, shop, changing room, aseptic room.

5. medical activities: such as hospital wards, operating theatres, medical devices, cleanrooms, etc