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Ozone Generator Application Areas In Which

Mar 09, 2017

Ozone generator selection Vista, Vista ozone generator manufacturers warmly welcomes your visit.

Working principle: the ozone generator through the principles of electricity, high voltage, high voltage reaches a certain degree air being penetrated, the air molecules are ionized, oxygen in the air is produced by ionization of molecules by three oxygen atoms of ozone molecule, ozone production will become a strong oxidizer, it can break down the cell walls of bacteria and viruses.

Ozone generator main should for medicine water, and pure water, and mineral water, and two times water, and pool water, and farming, and food beverage, industry water disinfection purification processing, also has chemical industry, and paper industry, skim, and bleaching, and bleaching, for life, and industrial, and hospital sewage emissions standard processing (sterilization disinfection, and removal BDR, and COD,), and life sewage, and industrial cooling water back with processing,.