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Ozone Generator Specifications

Mar 09, 2017

1, ozone generator installation personnel must undergo technical training in order to start repairs;

2, using ozone sterilization, no staff to work in the environment of high concentrations of ozone and work;

3, keep in mind that processing power when equipment maintenance or repair broken and discouraging State of ozone, can ensure a very good safety maintenance;

4, if there are any, please immediately notify the professional staff to carry out power or maintenance.

5, qualified and dedicated ground wire, secure ground, prevent installation of ammonia leaked or there is danger of explosion danger area

6, applied to a process of ozone generator operators should know, and be proficient in operation of this equipment.

7, such as ozone exposure need to be closed in the first ozone generators, ventilation and open the device processing rates leave the ozone generator using space, such residual ozone in spatial context of reduced security from re-entering