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Ozone Generator Works

Mar 09, 2017

We usually use ozone generators is now produced by high voltage discharge: oxygen generator is usually used for oxygen, using the principle of physical adsorption, with air at room temperature as the raw material, separation of oxygen and nitrogen in the air, direct access to high-purity oxygen. This operation is very simple, just power on, adjust oxygen flow can quickly produce oxygen

First of all, ozone generator through the principles of electricity, high voltage, and second, air penetrated after pressure reaches a certain level, the air molecules are ionized. Which

Oxygen molecules are ionized by three oxygen atoms of ozone molecules. People also called ozone generators "negative oxygen ion generator."

The discovery and use of ozone for over 100 years, recent developments, such as FPT technology not only improves the ozone generation efficiency, reduces ozone equipment costs, improving the life and reliability of the ozone projects. Ozone-my company will be State of the art technology combined with traditional methods of modern gas and oxygen enrichment technology, the use of a new generation of ozone works and products become a reality.

Ozone unstable, is prone to oxidation reaction of simple to lose one atom of oxygen, a reaction called Chriqui mechanism also occurs, this reaction of 3 oxygen atoms to be used. In most inorganic reactions, only a molecule of ozone atoms into the oxidation process; the other two as an oxygen release.