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Personal Oxygen Offers Special Relief For Asthma Sufferers

Sep 08, 2017

Around 1,600 adults and 20 children in the UK die every year from acute asthma. The key to their survival can be as simple as receiving a quick supply of pure oxygen.


However asthma sufferers are frequently told by their doctors and other healthcare workers that they do not fit the criteria for a home supply and many local GP surgeries do not hold emergency oxygen cylinders.


Research suggests a strong link between stress and asthmatic symptoms and experts suggest better treatment, including confident, self management of the condition, could improve the quality of life for asthmatics. The close links between stress and asthma are clear given the potential consequences of untreated attacks.


Research published in the British Medical Journal states that:


'an inadequate supply of oxygen was an important cause of death in those who died following a severe attack.'


The research suggests patients with severe asthma could be provided with oxygen cylinders for emergency use at home and says:


'The important point is that asthmatic patients are still dying during acute attacks - and the use of oxygen... in primary care is rational and could save lives.'


The research is supported by British Thoracic Society's guidelines which advise oxygen as a first line treatment in hospital for all patients with acute severe asthma.


The British Medical Journal's patient information service Best Health has researched the benefits of oxygen for child asthma suffers and reports that:


'Children who are having a bad asthma attack can have dangerously low levels of oxygen in their blood. The body's organs, including the heart and brain, cannot work properly without enough oxygen. When doctors, nurses or paramedics give your child extra oxygen to breath, they are trying to increase the supply of oxygen going to important parts of the body.'


However, there is a set of criteria for NHS provision that many sufferers cannot meet, either because their condition is under-diagnosed or considered not serious enough.


Having a convenient, ready supply of canned oxygen can make all the difference to asthma sufferers who are not finding the help they need from these traditional healthcare sources. A reliable and easy-to-use supply is essential and longfian are one of the leading providers of medically-pure canned oxygen. Their special inhaler cap design means that users can receive oxygen easily, even during an attack.

'Longfian has been amazing and as well as the physical help has provided a vital form of psychological reassurance that allows Cecil to have a decent quality of life without the fear that he will be left struggling for air. Anxiety can make everything much worse and having canned oxygen which is easy to pick up and use makes all the difference to his general health. We would like more people with breathing difficulties to be aware of these benefits so that they can have easy access to an alternative supply if needed.'


Longfian medically pure canned oxygen is available in small (2 litres) medium (5 litres) and large (8 litres) sizes.

For more information about longfian and how it can help with asthma and other health concerns, in addition to general wellbeing, sports and fitness and motoring, please visit www.longfian.com or call +86-13722969327