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The Main Role Of Oxygen

Aug 06, 2019

1. Smelting process: high-purity oxygen is blown in the steelmaking process, and oxygen and carbon, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon and the like are oxidized, which not only reduces the carbon content of the steel, but also facilitates the removal of phosphorus, sulfur and silicon. And other impurities. Moreover, the heat generated during the oxidation process is sufficient to maintain the temperature required for the steelmaking process. Therefore, oxygen blowing not only shortens the smelting time but also improves the quality of the steel.

2. Chemical industry: When producing synthetic ammonia, oxygen is mainly used for oxidation of raw material gas to strengthen the process and increase fertilizer production. For example, high temperature cracking of heavy oil, and gasification of pulverized coal.

3. National defense industry: Liquid oxygen is the best combustion improver for modern rockets. Liquid oxygen is also needed as an oxidant in supersonic aircraft. The flammable substance is highly explosive after being immersed in liquid oxygen, and can be used to make liquid oxygen explosives.

4, health care: supply breathing: for hypoxia, hypoxia or anaerobic environment, such as: diving operations, mountaineering, high-altitude flights, space navigation, medical rescue, etc.

5. Other aspects: It is used as a combustion improver in combination with flammable gases such as acetylene and propane to achieve the function of welding and cutting metal. It is widely used in various industries, especially in machinery enterprises. It is also convenient for cutting. A preferred method of cutting.