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The Miracle Of Oxygen...

Oct 26, 2017

It is a simple and indisputable fact – oxygen is necessary to sustain life. Clinical studies show that a human being can live for days without water, and weeks without food – but without Oxygen biological death begins to occur within three minutes. Oxygen is the miraculous element that permits life to exist and flourish on earth! 

While our bodies require many nutrients on a daily basisOxygen is the single most important substance taken into the body. Oxygen is a necessary component in every chemical reaction important to human physiology.  Oxygen nourishes the cells, it provides the energy needed to metabolize carbohydrates, it allows chemical transport, breaks down waste products and toxins, regulates the pH of body chemistry, drives the desire to breathe, and fights hostile organisms.  Oxygen is the undisputed king of body chemistry, and as such is your body’s most important nutrient!   

Undoubtedly you are now saying, “Oxygen is a nutrient? I've never heard that before!”  You probably haven’t because most people, including many experts, don’t realize this simple fact! I was recently speaking with a woman on the phone about the body’s ability to survive without food and water for prolonged periods but it’s having a constant need for oxygen. I casually remarked that, "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that oxygen is the most important nutrient on the planet." The caller then told me that she was indeed a rocket scientist, and she admitted that before our conversation she had never recognized Oxygen as being a nutrient!

The doctors don’t think of Oxygen as a nutrient either…  Why not?

The answer is simple, a lack of education… During their four years of medical school, doctors receive only a few hours of instruction on nutrition!  Doctors don’t focus on preventive measures, but instead learn how to deal with major problems after they arise and how to help a person “be comfortable” with medications.  Have you ever noticed how doctors use medications to “manage” conditions such as arthritis or diabetes? Note how the operative word here is “manage” and not “cure”! They say these conditions are incurable, and that the best you can do is to manage the condition and to make the person comfortable with medication. I don’t know what your feelings are, but that simply isn’t good enough for me, I agree with Dr. Richard Schulze, who says there is no such thing as an incurable disease.  Of course the doctors can’t be blamed, as they simply don’t know the truth. Statistics show that the average lifespan of a medical doctor is only 58 years!  That’s right - on average doctors live only 80% as long as the general population. They obviously don’t know very much about what nutrients are needed to keep themselves healthy, let alone to help their patients. If we want to live longer than medical doctors, it us up to us to learn how to stay healthy…

Why do people get diseases like arthritis, ulcers, or diabetes?

I remember walking through the family room as the national news was on TV one evening.
The top news story of the day was that the medical community had finally found the cause of stomach ulcers, which the news story proudly proclaimed to be a bacterium.

I immediately stopped in my tracks! What a profound revelation! I could have saved them a lot of wasted time and money on research into that problem, as I had already known the answer for at least 6 years prior to their “discovery”. 

I had already seen people suffering from ulcers, and other so-called “chronic conditions” healing themselves with oxygen for more than 6 years prior to the news story. 

The facts are simple - a virus, amoeba, parasite, fungus or bacteria cause all disease! 

The solution is also simple - NONE of those hostile organisms can live in an environment with high concentrations of oxygen

Have you ever wondered what oxygen actually does for you?

If you are like most people you have probably taken oxygen for granted. I know that I did - until I learned the truth!

Your body needs oxygen to be able to: 

·         Create energy

·         Digest food

·         Metabolize fat

·         Metabolize Carbohydrates

·         Transport Gases Across Cell Membranes

·         Manufacture hormones, proteins and other chemicals

·         Regulate pH

·         Incite the body to breathe

·         Clean and detoxify toxins

·         Eradicate virus, amoeba, parasites, fungus or bacteria

·         And much more…

So why can't we just get enough oxygen by deep breathing?

In the early days we could! However, due to combustion, respiration, deforestation, and other natural and man-made processes oxygen levels in standard air are now less than 21%. According to experts the oxygen levels of our atmosphere have dropped by as much as 50% over the past 500 years. We no longer have the atmosphere that we were created for, so we cannot get enough oxygen to fulfill our body’s needs by breathing alone.  

The Hard Way To Get More Oxygen

There are several very common but extremely expensive techniques used by persons to increase blood oxygenation levels. A very “trendy” technique involves the use of “Oxygen Bars”. These are “tavern like” establishments in which patrons do not receive alcoholic beverages but instead purchase “oxygen shots” by breathing from nasal cannulas, simple face masks, non-rebreather masks, or demand valves for a certain amount of time. These various devices are capable of providing inhaled oxygen concentrations ranging from 30% to 100% depending on the device, the flow rate, and the effectiveness of the seal against the face.  There are several such establishments, including “02" in Hollywood which has hosted events for clients including Warner Brothers, MTV, Paramount, and Universal Studios. Obviously such facilities are expensive!

Another common technique for increasing oxygenation levels involves the use of an incredibly complex device called a “hyperbaric chamber” such as those commonly used for treating divers suffering from decompression sickness.

The elevated oxygen saturations provided by hyperbaric therapies has been proven clinically effective in wound care, gangrene, carbon monoxide poisoning, certain types of cancers, speeding healing in burn patients, treatment of anemia, etc.


The chamber is actually a great big “tank” in which the patient is placed and then pressurized so that their bodies can absorb more oxygen. The increased ambient pressure elevates the partial pressure of oxygen in the bloodstream and can permit oxygenation levels equivalent to 140% at sea level.

The medical community knows that when nothing else will help, oxygen can come to the rescue and work miracles!  These hyperbaric chambers are used by doctors to treat persons suffering from a number of life threatening or persistent medical conditions that can only be healed through the power of oxygen!  For persons suffering from persistent infections, wounds that won’t heal, and the unfortunate victims of “necrotizing facitis” – the infamous “flesh eating bacteria”, hyperbaric chambers can work wonders by increasing the amount of oxygen available, but they are extremely expensive, relatively uncommon, potentially dangerous, and require teams of highly trained hyperbaric physicians and hyperbaric medical technicians for safe operation.

A great many persons, including Hollywood celebrities, routinely use such chambers for increasing their oxygen levels and Michael Jackson has one installed at his mansion. The "rich and famous" spend thousands of dollars and countless hours in these chambers. There has to be an easier and safer way to give your body more oxygen. Fortunately, there is!