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The Oxygen Analyzer Must Be Strictly Leaked Before It Is First Enabled

Jul 12, 2017

  Oxygen analyzer when using the attention of the problem

  What are the problems with the use of oxygen analyzer?

  In the oxygen content analysis, especially the trace oxygen analysis, because the air oxygen content of up to 21% O2, so if improper handling can easily lead to contamination of the sample and interference, the results of the analysis data is not correct. The main reason is the improper operation of the oxygen analyzer.

  1. leakage.

  The oxygen analyzer must be strictly leaked before it is first enabled. Oxygen analyzers can only get accurate data results with tight leaks. Any connection points, solder joints, valves, etc. are not tight, will lead to oxygen in the air into the pipeline and oxygen inside the oxygen analyzer, resulting in high oxygen content results.

  2. Pollution.

  When reusing the oxygen analyzer, it is important to note that the air is leaked into the sampling line of the oxygen analyzer and that the air leaked into the oxygen analyzer must be carefully purged so as not to allow large amounts of oxygen to pass through the oxygen analyzer Of the sensor to extend the sensor life. In the pipeline system purification process, in order to shorten the purification time, need to have a certain method, the general use of high pressure deflation and small flow blowing alternately can quickly purify the oxygen analyzer pipeline.

  3. The choice of pipe material.

  Oxygen analyzer pipe material and surface roughness will also affect the sample gas oxygen content changes. Generally should not use plastic pipe, rubber tube as a connecting pipe. Oxygen analyzer is usually used brass or stainless steel tube, for ultra-micro analysis (referring to <0.1ppm) must be polished stainless steel tube.

  4. Simplification and cleanliness of airway systems.

  Oxygen analyzer microanalysis requires the effective elimination of air pollution on various types of pipe fittings, valves, heads and the like. Therefore, as far as possible to simplify the oxygen analyzer gas system, the use of small dead ends and so on. In addition, to avoid the use of water seals, oil seals and wax seals and other equipment to prevent the dissolution of dissolved oxygen caused by pollution, but also to avoid the sample gas to the oxygen analyzer to import the pipeline to increase pollution caused by the purification equipment. Only in this way can we ensure that the system is clean and that the resulting data is accurate.