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The Role Of Oxygen Sensor

Jun 15, 2017

  The role of oxygen sensor

  Oxygen sensors are essential components in an engine that uses a ternary catalytic converter to reduce exhaust pollution. As the air-fuel ratio of mixed gas deviates from the theoretical air-fuel ratio, the ternary catalysts are used to co the purification capacity of HC and NOx will be reduced sharply, so the oxygen sensor is installed in the exhaust pipe to detect the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust, and the ECU is given the feedback signal, and then the fuel injection quantity of the injector is controlled by the ECU to control the air-fuel ratio of the mixed gas.

  Oxygen sensors are also known as lambda (lambda) sensors. λ is a magical letter, often used to express some kind of critical state. In the car used to measure the excess air coefficient, the normal range is 0.97 ~ 1.03 between, when Shang. 97 o'clock, mixed gas (air and fuel mixture of gas) is too dense, Shang greater than 1.03 and mixed gas too dilute. The oxygen sensor detects the concentration of mixed gas by measuring the oxygen content in the exhaust, and adjusts the fuel injection to maintain the mixture concentration at an ideal level.

  Mixed gas too thick (fuel injection) when the vehicle combustion is not sufficient, the content of the Co in the tail gas is high, also easy to accumulate carbon (black chrysanthemum is the case), the fuel consumption increases even the tail gas stink, mixed gas lean tail gas no exceeded, driving process often feel lack of power.

  The oxygen sensor and the ternary catalytic device are twin brothers, if the oxygen sensor fails, the engine burns abnormally, the ternary catalyst will soon hang up.