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The Role Of The Humidification Bottle

Sep 07, 2018

[Product efficacy] It is mainly used for the humidification of oxygen in household oxygen generators, for oxygen inhalation for oxygen and hypoxic patients in home health care. Easy to use, safe, and essential for home oxygen therapy

[Product introduction] The external humidification bottle should be connected with the oxygen outlet of the oxygen generator. The unique design can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria in the process of oxygen absorption. It has been verified that it can effectively control the risk of infection caused by contamination of the humidified bottle; The external humidification bottle is more convenient to store, and the disassembly and assembly is simple, which breaks the shortcoming that the traditional in-line humidification bottle can only be single humidified oxygen and cannot be thoroughly cleaned to produce bacteria-containing oxygen. The external humidification bottle is easy to replace and clean, which allows the user to more intuitively see the bubbles in the water tank and determine whether the machine is short of water. The household oxygen generators and hospital oxygen generators on the market use external humidification bottles in a unified manner, and the humidification bottle type oxygen generators are not allowed to be sold and will be gradually eliminated.

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