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Tips Of Oxygen Concentrator Using

Jan 22, 2019

When you use an oxygen concentrator at home, please kindly note below: 

1. Timing button use: LCD LCD screen is turned off for 15 minutes, press the down button to light up the backlight, press the up button and then light the backlight. It is also timed for 10 minutes. Sometimes the user presses this button for 10 minutes and then stops. Somehow.
2. Blockage of the air intake filter (not cleaned up in time), resulting in poor air intake.
3. A voltage fluctuation exceeding 10% may cause a decrease in oxygen concentration.
4. The bacterial filter is clogged or broken.
5. The flowmeter is adjusted too large, exceeding the rated flow, resulting in a decrease in oxygen concentration.
6. The atomizing machine type atomizing regulating valve is mainly closed when it is not suitable for atomization.
7. Tighten the humidification bottle, block the exit can hear the obvious howling, you can check whether it is tight.
8. Regular cleaning of the humidification bottle, preferably using pure water
The humidification tube of the humidification bottle is blocked by the scale and the amount of gas is small. The immersion of the humidification bottle with vinegar can effectively prevent the clogging of the humidification bottle, and pay attention to check the vent.
9. Under the strict calibration line of the water in the humidification bottle, the humidified bottle contains too much water, causing the water to flow back to the flow meter and the oxygen sensor to damage the oxygen generator.
10. After the oxygen is absorbed, the oxygen pipe should not be folded.
After the oxygen is turned off, the oxygen pipe is broken. The heat is imbalanced inside and outside the machine to form a siphon phenomenon, so that the wet bottle gets water into the flow meter and the oxygen sensor. It is recommended to unplug the oxygen pipe or prevent the oxygen pipe from being folded.
11. Pay attention to the foam pad at the bottom of the machine, so that the four wheels are on the ground and there is room for ventilation around the machine. Otherwise, the temperature inside the machine will be too high or even the high temperature alarm will stop.
12. When using it, it is found that there is a problem with the oxygen absorption equipment. First, cut off the oxygen source (close the valve, cut off the power supply, etc.)
13. Oxygen is forbidden. It is strictly forbidden to scrub the oxygen absorption equipment with tarpaulin or alcohol.
14, nasal catheter oxygen, exhaled oxygen is still flowing out, leaking around the face, and the oxygen concentration in the exhaled gas is also relatively high, the two caused an increase in local oxygen concentration, so when used around It may be avoided to cause static electricity or sparking, such as smoking, combing, plugging and unplugging the power supply, picking up the phone, using an electric shaver, etc.
15, Each nasal oxygen tube just for one people use