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Use Of Compressor

Sep 06, 2018

A compressor is a machine that compresses gas to increase gas pressure or deliver gas. It is extremely versatile. Compressors are one of the key equipment in the mining, metallurgical, machinery, civil engineering, petrochemical, refrigeration and gas separation engineering and defense industries. In addition, the demand for medical, textile, food, agriculture, transportation and other sectors is increasing. Compressors are widely known as "general machinery" for their use. Compressor use Compressed air is used as power compressed air to drive various pneumatic machinery and pneumatic tools. The discharge pressure of the compressor is 0.7~0.8MPa, which is used to control the instrument and its automation device; vehicle brake, door and window opening and closing Mixing in the pharmaceutical industry, brewing industry; weft blowing in air jet loom; start-up of large and medium-sized diesel engines; high-pressure blasting coal mining; launching of certain weapons in the defense industry, ups and downs of submarines, launching and driving of torpedoes, and Shipwreck salvage and so on. 

Compressed air is used for refrigeration and gas separation gases to be compressed, cooled, expanded and liquefied for manual refrigeration (freezing, refrigeration and air conditioning), such as ammonia or Freon compressors. This type of compressor is often referred to as "refrigeration". Machine or ice machine. Further, when the liquefied gas is a mixed gas, each component can be separated in a separating apparatus to obtain various gases of acceptable purity. After the air is liquefied and separated, pure oxygen, pure nitrogen and pure other rare gases can be obtained. At present, in the petrochemical industry, the separation of the raw material gas-petroleum cracking gas is first compressed, and then the components are separated by different cooling temperatures.