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What Are Some Accessories Used With An Oxygen Concentrator?

Jul 31, 2018

What Are Some Accessories Used with an Oxygen Concentrator?

1.  A nasal cannula, which is made of soft plastic tubing delivers oxygen from an oxygen concentrator or oxygen tank to the patient. The cannula fits under the chin , over the ears, and ends with two thin prongs that slide comfortably just inside the nostrils.  High-flow nasal cannula's may help prevent the drying of the upper mucosa, allowing the patient more long-term comfort.

2.  An oxygen mask fits over both the nose and mouth. A mask may be more comfortable for some individuals and may also work best when a high flow of oxygen is required. 

3.  Oxygen concentrator filter kits contain air filters and other maintenance parts which aid in extending the quality of deliverable oxygen and maintain efficient and quality mechanical operation for the oxygen concentrator.  Adherence to regular scheduled maintenance service intervals will extend the life of your concentrator. 

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4.  It is important to regularly monitor oxygen concentration output airflow percentages of your concentrator with an Oxygen Analyzer.

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