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What Are The Effects Of Additional Oxygen Supply?

Oct 16, 2017

What are the effects of additional oxygen supply?

Properly applied the oxygen-enriched air can improve your well being and thus contribute to your quality of life. O-Pur supports the body in various situations:

Fatigue and Exhaustion
Reduced concentration
Stress and Hectic
Weariness and listlessness
Physical and psychological exhaustion.
Increased environmental ozons
Smog and Pollution
Respiratory problems
Sport and Relaxation
Physical fatigue
Insufficiently aerated rooms
Traffic congestions
Excessive alcohol consumption

Provided these are caused by lacking oxygen supply.
The Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, in Freiburg, Germany investigated the effects of O-Pur. Clinical research evidenced that the blood oxygen content increased by 15-20% after 10 inhalations of O-Pur oxygen. It increases vitality in healthy people, but even those suffering from arterial oxygen deficiency, caused by heart- or lung disease may profit from this additional oxygen supply.

How and where can oxygen be applied?

There are countless applications of the O-Pur can in the professional, personal, sporting, medical and aged-care area:

Car and Truck drivers take along O-Pur cans to prevent fatigue, exhaustion and lack of concentration on long journeys. The chance to succumb to potentially fatal “second sleep” is reduced, but oxygen application must always be combined with regular stops, some physical exercise and proper meals during long trips.

Wellness institutes offer their customers the possibility of complementing their oxygen treatment at home with the O-Pur can.

Funicular operators and mountain stations offer oxygen to their guests to counter nausea and shortness of breath on higher levels.

Medical service providers complement their treatments with therapeutic oxygen supply.
First-aide service providers at sporting and other mass events use O-Pur for fast, easy and convenient initial treatment

Amateur pilots take along O-Pur to access greater heights in their planes without pressure cabins

Deep sea divers take along the O-Pur briefcase containing several oxygen cans to provide emergency assistance for the first critical 12-15 minutes in cases of fast ascent accidents, in order to avoid, as far as possible, nitrogen embolisms until such time as professional medical assistance becomes available

Mountain climbers and mountain guides also carry the O-Pur briefcase in order to treat fainting and nausea problems of inexperienced participants.

Retirement establishments keep a supply of O-Pur cans to offer their charges quick assistance in cases of weakness or nausea

Hotels stock their bars and mini-bars with O-Pur cans to offer their guests relaxation after a hard day’s work. This is the cheapest alternative to the popular Oxygen Bars popular in many suburban areas

Corporate First-Aide rooms keep a supply of oxygen to provide initial relief to co-workers until medical assistance becomes available. Since the application of oxygen is simple and easy with the O-Pur can, it can be given by untrained and inexperienced staff.

Underground operators, construction companies and other organizations who expose their workers to dusty, smelly and generally disagreeable environments provide oxygen relief to improve their working conditions

Visitors to bars, discos and nightclubs take a few sniffs of O-Pur oxygen to replenish their vigor.

People feeling faint after rigorous dieting gain new energy through the 0-calorie oxygen.

Athletes keep their body fit with oxygen. They reach higher performance with less effort and their body regenerates more quickly and easily after rigorous exercise.