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What Should Be Paid Attention To Health Care For Patients With Coronary Heart Disease?

Jul 25, 2019

1. Orderly living
Due to the high temperature in summer, sweating and physical exertion, I often feel depressed and drowsy. In order to reduce the feeling of fatigue, I need a proper lunch break, especially for the elderly, but the sleep time is suitable for one hour.

2. Heatstroke and cool down
It is best to use natural summer methods, such as under the shade of trees and by the river. Sweating in this natural environment can discharge the turbidity in the human body. However, coronary heart disease should try to avoid outdoor activities at noon, because the sun is empty, when the blood vessels of the human body expand, so that the blood is concentrated in small peripheral blood vessels, the blood supply to the heart and brain is relatively reduced, and it is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3. Adjust your mood
Affected by yang, people's emotions are also in a swollen and active state in summer, and the heat of the day is easy to be anxious. This is not conducive to the rehabilitation of seriously ill patients. Therefore, patients and their families should strengthen psychological counseling and adjust their emotions.

4. Light diet
Chinese medicine believes that the heart is strong in summer, patients with coronary heart disease should not be supplemented, and the diet should be light. Should eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, black fungus, soy products, you can eat some lean meat, fish, try to eat too much greasy or high-fat food; drink green bean soup, lotus seed soup, chrysanthemum tea, lotus leaf tea, etc. It can not only add water but also heat and cool off.

5. Stick to oxygen every day
Daily oxygen inhalation can improve the oxygen supply of the heart and brain, regulate the function of the heart and brain nervous system, relieve nerve fatigue, relax the body and mind, reduce hypoxemia, meet the needs of tissue metabolism, relieve pulmonary hypertension caused by hypoxia, and reduce polycythemia It reduces blood viscosity, reduces the burden on the right ventricle, and delays the development of pulmonary heart disease. Oxygen inhalation can relieve bronchospasm and reduce breathing difficulties. It has a home oxygen generator to supplement oxygen to the body at any time. It is of great benefit to maintaining health and prolonging life.

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