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Which Oxygen Machine Should The Old Person Buy?

Jul 16, 2018

When the elderly arrive in their old age, the condition of the body is much worse than before, and there will be pain here. The pain there is that many diseases will be entangled. Which oxygen machine should the old person buy, for whom with heart disease and nausea.

For the elderly in this situation, we must understand that the blood pressure of the elderly is normal or not? How old of the elderly? The oxygen flow used by the elderly of different ages is also different. However, the oxygen generator to be used by the elderly must be a medical oxygen generator. For the health of the elderly, to let his symptoms be controlled,the sales service should be timely. Simply cheap, buying cheap and happy, may soon be replaced by the pain of poor after-sales service.


For the elderly, who are not so old person, they can purchase more than three liters of oxygen generators; For older people, they should purchase more than five liters of oxygen generators. What is the difference between this three-liter and five-liter oxygen generator? The oxygen flow rate that different elderly people need to suck is also different, and the three-liter oxygen machine means that three liters of oxygen can be produced per minute, and five liters can produce more than five liters of oxygen per minute. The oxygen concentration of the oxygen generator should also be selected according to the seriousness of the condition of the elderly.

There are many recurrences of diseases in winter, such as asthma, respiratory diseases, lung diseases, etc.How to prevent  the occurrence of these diseases and reduce the number of occurrences of  the disease, you can use the home oxygen machine here, it is the best  gift for the elderly to care for the body!