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Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Installation Details Of Seven Strokes!

Jun 30, 2017

  Zirconia oxygen analyzer installation details of seven strokes!

  Proper selection of probe mounting points is important for improving measurement accuracy and extending probe life. If the zirconia probe installation point selection is unreasonable, there will be oxygen distortion, slow response, oxygen analyzer but also seriously shorten the life of the zirconia probe. Choose the principle of installation point:

  Therefore, the choice of zirconia probe installation point is the key to the use of oxygen scale, the user strictly follow the following seven strokes can choose a good installation point:

  1, in the higher temperature of the zirconia probe parts of the oxidation of the more serious corrosion of the zirconia probe life has a significant impact; and the temperature is too low, the condensation of water vapor and flue gas SO2 and SO3 The formation of sulfurous acid, sulfuric acid, the great harm to zirconia components, therefore, zirconia probe detection points should be selected as (100 ~ 600) ℃ between.

  2, the requirements of the installation point of the flue gas flow is good, to ensure a faster response time. Do not install in the furnace inside, dead, vortex and necking. oxygen analyzer Installed in the inside and the corner can easily cause slow response to the slow phenomenon; installed in the vortex will lead to large fluctuations in oxygen, poor representative; installed in the necking at the smoke is too large, although the response is rapid, but easy to cause ash block fault and erosion failure The

  3, requiring easy operation, no obstructions affect the operation of inserting the zirconia probe.

  4, the requirements of the installation point within 5 meters without holes and obvious leaks to the amount of oxygen damage. In the shutdown, oxygen analyzer the installation point should not be affected by the impact of water scouring operations, not easily damaged by human factors.

  5, can not be washed by the flame.

  6, the installation of zirconia probe can be divided into: vertical down or horizontal installation, which horizontal installation of the general situation with the horizontal angle greater than 20 degrees (ie, the zirconia probe in the flue is best inclined down about 20 degrees ) To prevent water vapor from remaining in the probe.

  7, timely grasp the sulfur content in the flue gas, oxygen analyzer flow rate and other technical parameters, to maintain a good zirconia probe is very important.