Ultrasonic Oxygen Sensor JAY-110 for Monitoring Oxygen Purity 20-99%

Oxygen sensor 1.Indicator light 2.Real-time display 3.Long service Life

Product Details

Oxygen Sensor
Model JAY-110
Oxygen sensor is mainly used to detect the concentration of oxygen produced by molecular sieve oxygen concentrator. Our oxygen concentration detection device has features of simple structure, swift response and high measuring accuracy.
The high/low oxygen concentration indicating device of our lambda sensor can be designed as an indicating lamp or a real-time digital display according to customer's preference. So far, our company has successfully produced customized oxygen sensors for many famous oxygen concentrator manufacturers. We are looking forward to your negotiations and cooperation.

Technical Parameters



Max. Pressure



15 LPM






1.Indicator # Red with LED display <82%
# Blue with LED display ≥82%
2.USRT port support purity signal output
Power: DC60/DC18V/0.04 watts

If you're interested in the ultrasonic oxygen sensor jay-110 for monitoring oxygen purity 20-99%, please feel free to buy the quality equipment made in China from our factory. As one of the world's leading suppliers in this field, we also offer the wholesale service and the price list consultation.


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