Good Price And New Style Oxygen Concentrator

PSA Oxygen Concentrator Technology Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is a technology used to separate some gas species from a mixture of gas species from a mixture of gases under pressure according to the species' molecular characteristics ang affinity for an adsorbent material.It operates at near-ambient temperatures and differs significantly from cryogenic distillation techniques of gas separation specific adsorptive materials (e.g.,zeolites,activated carbon,molecular sieves,etc.)are used asa trap,preferentially adsorbing the target gas species at high pressure.Theprocess then swings to low pressure to desorb the adsorbed material.

Product Details


 1.Oxygen therapy for respiratory diseases.

 2.Be suitable for old people pregnant woman.

 3.Skin care for females.

 4.For cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

 5.Help business men and students keep their brains active.

Technical Parameter



Flow rate


Oxygen purity


Outlet pressure


Noise level


Power Supply

AC230V, 50Hz; AC220V/110V (±10%), 50/60Hz (±1Hz)

Power consumption


LCD display

Switch times, operating pressure, present working time, accumulated working time, preset time from 10mins to



Power failure alarm



Net weight






Opitional configuration

1.Nebulizer (Atomization): >10L/min 
2.SPO2(Pulse oximeter)
3.Low purity alarm:when oxygen purity is above 82% ,it will give blue light,when the purity is below 82%(82% not included),it will give red light
4.High temperature alarm(Inside system temp above 50℃)

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