Large Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Pulse flow, as the name suggests, is based on the breathing rate of the user. It is used most when patients are awake and active during the day. Pulse flow delivers oxygen every time the patient takes a breath. The concentrator then rests while the patient is exhaling. The concentrator is able to do this through the use of a built-in oxygen conserver, much like those used on oxygen tanks. For some, pulse flow oxygen does not provide enough oxygen throughout the day. Many individuals rely on continuous flow concentrators, which provides a constant stream of oxygen. A continuous flow oxygen concentrator does not change as a breath is taken, and will only remain on the setting you chose to use. Continuous flow POCs provide anywhere from 1 LPM to 5 LPM depending on your personal needs. These units can also be used 24/7 depending on the instructions from your doctor.

Product Details
Continuous Flow Rate1000ml/min
Pulse Flow Setting

1(15ml/min), 2(30ml/min), 3(45ml/min), 4( continous flow 1000ml/min)

Oxygen Purity

93% (±3%)

Battery duration time1.2hours
Sound Level≤45db
Power Consumption85W
AlarmPower failure alarm, larm while no breath detected
Net Weight6KG
AccessoriesLithium battery, batter charger, car adapter and trolley bag


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