New Arrive Oxygen Concentrator

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Product Details

New arrive oxygen Concentrator

It can equip with the battery, car adapter and trolley bag for outdoor use.

It can supply continuous flow or pulse flow oxygen based on your demands.

oxygen therapy patients need to decide what kind of oxygen concentrator is best for them based on their individual needs and lifestyles. To help them, they should look to a respiratory specialist who can advise them on the available models to suit their oxygen requirements.

pulse flow machine

Technical Parameter


Flow Setting A   1            2           3
Pulse Flow Rate(ml/min) 360        650       950
Power Consumption(W)  40           50         70
Battery Duration Time(H)   4             3           2 
Flow Setting B   1            2           3          4         5         6 (20pulse/min)   
Pulse Flow Rate(ml/min) 350        500       650       800    1000    650
Power Consumption(W)  40          45         50        60       70       50
Battery Duration Time(H)   4           3.5         3        2.5        2         3

93% (±3%)

Sound Level≤45db
Power Consumption≤300W
LCD DisplaySwitch times,Operating pressure, Present Working Time,Accumulating Time, presetting Time from 10mins to 40hours
AlarmPower failure alarm, High&Low pressure alarm,Temperature alarm
Net Weight4KG
OptionalNebulizer, low purity alarm/low flow alarm, high temperature alarm, pulse oximeter

pulse flow POC

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