Oxygen Concentrators For Babies

Considering the actual need that oxygen supply for babies should be in low flow rate, we specially design the pediatric oxygen concentrator which guarantees safe oxygen inhalation for babies. Combing with the separate flow meter whose minimum scale is 0.125L/min, our oxygen producing machine is suitable for newborn infants, babies and adults. Here we recommend you the JAY-10 oxygen concentrator for babies.

Product Details

Technical Parameters of JAY-10 Oxygen Concentrator



Flow rate


Oxygen concentration

1-9L/min: 93% (± 3%); 10L/min: 90% (± 2%)

Outlet pressure


Noise level



AC220V (±10%), 50/60Hz (±1Hz); AC110V (±10%,), 50/60Hz (±1Hz)

Power consumption


LCD display

Starting times, operating pressure, present working time, accumulated working time, preset time from 10mins to 40hours


Power failure alarm; high/low pressure alarm

Net weight




1. Nebulizer (Atomizer)
2. Low concentration alarm: when oxygen concentration is 82% or above, the blue light will be on; when the oxygen concentration is blow 82%, the red light will be on.
3. Maintenance alarm: alarm for maintenance after 3000 hours' operation.
4. High temperature alarm: alarm for high temperature when the internal system temperature is above 50.
5. Pulse oximeter: fingertip pulse oximeter is available for monitoring patient's oxygen saturation on site.
6. Small LCD display: showing accumulated time, present working time and preset time.
7. Dual flow configuration


Flow Splitter-Corollary Equipment for Pediatric Oxygen Concentrator
Flow splitter is a device through which oxygen in one inlet can be divided into several flows for more patients to inhale at the same time. This device is usually used in clinics or small hospitals due to its economical and practical characteristics.

The five flowmeters in this flow splitter can work independently or together by adjusting the flow knob. Minimum oxygen flow for a single oxygen outlet can be 0.125L/min. While the five oxygen outlets work together, the maximum oxygen flow is restricted lower than the oxygen flow in the inlet. It is suitable for both babies and adults.

This flow splitter can be kept flat on the desk or hung on wall side by side for convenient using.

Parameters of Flow Splitter
1. Dimension: 38.1 (L) x11.4(W) x16.6(H) cm
2. Weight: 2.5kg
3. Operating temperature: 5  to 40
4. Storage temperature:-1  to 60
5. Accuracy: ±5%
6. Inlet pressure: 48-345Kpa

If you're interested in the oxygen concentrators for babies, please feel free to buy the quality equipment made in China from our factory. As one of the world's leading suppliers in this field, we also offer the wholesale service and the price list consultation.