Pulse Flow Oxygen Concentrator

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Product Details

Pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator


Pulse flow delivers oxygen every time the patient takes a breath. If their breathing rate increases, the machine will react and release a bolus, or pulse dosage size, with each inhalation. The flow rate is based off the bolus.

pulse flow machine

Technical Parameter


Flow Setting A   1            2           3
Pulse Flow Rate(ml/min) 360        650       950
Power Consumption(W)  40           50         70
Battery Duration Time(H)   4             3           2 
Flow Setting B   1            2           3          4         5         6 (20pulse/min)   
Pulse Flow Rate(ml/min) 350        500       650       800    1000    650
Power Consumption(W)  40          45         50        60       70       50
Battery Duration Time(H)   4           3.5         3        2.5        2         3

93% (±3%)

Sound Level≤45db
Power Consumption≤300W
LCD DisplaySwitch times,Operating pressure, Present Working Time,Accumulating Time, presetting Time from 10mins to 40hours
AlarmPower failure alarm, High&Low pressure alarm,Temperature alarm
Net Weight4KG
OptionalNebulizer, low purity alarm/low flow alarm, high temperature alarm, pulse oximeter

pulse flow POC

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