High Pressure Oxygen Concentrator JAY-15

Medical use: connect with ventilator or anaesthesia machine,etc Industrial use: welding, glass cutting,etc Fish farming, aquaculture Veterinary use

Product Details


High Pressure Oxygen Concentrator

1.Features :Automatic on and off

2.Manually remove the alarm

3.Emergency stop button

4.Audio and visual alarm for high & low pressure

5.Full digital control system

6.Low purity alarm function

7.Applied in surgical especially connecting with ventilator or anesthesia machine

Technical parameter :

8.Oxygen Flow(L/min):15

9.Air Flow(L/min):15

10.Oxygen Outlet Pressure(Mpa):= 0.4Mpa

11.Air outlet pressure(Mpa):= 0.4Mpa

12.Oxygen Concentration:= 90%

13.Sound Level:=60db

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