Dual Flow 10L Medical Oxygen Concentrator

This model has 3lpm, 5lpm, 8lpm and 10lpm oxygen concentrator.

Product Details

JAY-10 (1)

Our JAY-3, JAY-5, JAY-8 and JAY-10 oxygen concentrator have single flow and dual flow, it have innovative "cooling" technology to improve reliability and life of the unit; Big LCD display.

We also have mangy optional function, such as nebulizer, low purity alarm, low purity alarm with low flow alarm, high temperature alarm, pluse oximeter, maintenance alarm, reset switch, remote control monitoring system.

If you are interested in our medical oxygen concentrator, please contact us, thanks!

If you're interested in the dual flow 10l medical oxygen concentrator, please feel free to buy the quality equipment made in China from our factory. As one of the world's leading suppliers in this field, we also offer the wholesale service and the price list consultation.
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