Big Animals Medical Use Oxygen Concentrato 0-10LPM

Veterinary Equipment Oxygen Concentrator 4bar JAY-10-4.0 The animal market, zoos and animal hospitals are usually equipped with oxygen concentrators to help cure animals if they are injured or sick. Veterinary oxygen generators we provide have been exported to many countries such as the UK and...

Product Details

Big Animals Medical Use Oxygen Concentrato 0-10LPM


Product Application

1. Medical use
2. Combining with separate flow meter to be used to supply oxygen for children or adults
3. Oxygen cylinder filling system
4. Industrial use such as welding, glass cutting, etc
5. Fish farming
6. Oxygen supply for ozone generator
7. Veterinary use

Technical Parameter



Flow rate


Oxygen purity

1-10L/min: 93% ±3%;

Outlet pressure


Noise level


Power Supply

AC220V / AC110V

Power consumption


LCD display

Switch times, operating pressure, present working time, accumulated working time


Power failure alarm; high/low pressure alarm



Net weight


We recommend you the following veterinary oxygen concentrating machines based on the size of animal.
1. JAY-5/JAY-8/JAY-10 oxygen concentrator with ordinary pressure (0.04-0.07Mpa): Suitable for oxygen supply for small animals, such as dog, cat, etc.
2. JAY-10-4.0/JAY-15-4.0/JAY-20-4.0 oxygen concentrator with high pressure (0.14-0.4Mpa): Suitable for oxygen supply for big animals such as horse, ox, etc. The 0.4Mpa oxygen machine can be connected with ventilator or anesthesia machine to help save animal's life in surgeries.


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