100LPM Hypoxic Generator With Inflatable Tent

100LPM hypoxic generator with inflatable tent for training

Product Details

"Hypoxia" (low oxygen) causes many of the adaptations which improve fitness, particularly those related to endurance. Oxygen uptake and delivery, blood lactate removal, and buffering of hydrgen ions are all adaptation which will improve aerobic and anaerobic components of fitness. There is also a role for hypoxic training during the rehabilitation process, providing a new stimulus for adaptation and providing a means of maintaining fitness whilst injured.

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Product application:

  1. Suitable for use at homw, gym or sports training center

  2. Altitude training may help prevent a person from acquiring altitude sichness during a hike

  3. Mountain climbers may require altitude training before scaling large mountains

  4. Altitude training allows athletes' bodies to produce more red blood cells

  5. Athletes who participate in endurance sports may benefit from training at altitude

  6. By training in high altitudes with lower oxygen levels, athletes can increase their endurance when back on lower ground

  7. Altitude training is a way of encourageing the body to produce more red blood cells

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