Hypoxic Generator For Simulated Altitude Training

Hypoxic Generator For Simulated Altitude Training,suit for use at home,gym or sports training center

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Hypoxic Generator For Simulated Altitude Training (1)

Hypoxic Generator For Simulated Altitude Training

"Hypoxic"(low oxygen) causes many of the adaptations which improve fitness, particular those related to endurance. Oxygen uptake and delivery, blood lactate removal, and buffering of hydrogen ions are all adaptations which will improve aerobic and anaerobic componments of fitness. There is also a role for hypoxic training during the rehabilitation process, providing a new stimulus for adaptation and providing a means of maintaining fitness whilst injured.

  1. model: JAY-10H

  2. oxygen flow rate: 0-10lpm

  3. oxygen purity: 93%(+-3%)

  4. hypoxic flow: 100lpm

  5. hypoxic purity: 9-20.9% (+-3%)

  6. simulated alititude: 0-6500m

  7. outlet pressure: 0.04-0.07MPA

  8. sound level: <=50db

  9. power consumtion: <=550w

  10. LCD display: starting times, operating pressure, present working time, accumulating time, presetting time from 10mins to 40hours

  11. alarm: power failure alarm, high&low pressure alarm, temperature alarm

  12. net weight: 27kgs

  13. size: 365*375*600mm

  14. optional: OCSI, monitor system

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  1. individual hypoxic training system: the hypoxic generator can connect with mask to match with bicycle and treadmill to do simulated altitude training.

  2. altitude training for sports enthusiasts: decreased heart rate and blood pressure and help prevent and help prevent a person from acquiring altitude sickness during hike.

  3. simulated altitude training on tent: sleeping at altitude from the comfort of your own home and can help to increased production and release of human growth hormone. This altitude tent has clear walls and is very portable.

  4. simulated altitude training system in GYM and sports center: long-term training can help sportsman to increase power output and speed, improve muscular endurance and reduce recovery time

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