Training Device Hypoxic Genrator With 100lpm Flow

10Liter continuous flow Hypoxic Generator JAY-10H ( with steel caseing) "Hypoxia" (low oxygen) causes many of the adaptations which improve fitness, particularly those related to endurance. Oxygen uptake and delivery, blood lactate removal, and buffering of hydrogen ions are all...

Product Details

Training Device Hypoxic Genrator with 100lpm Flow

The Hypoxic generator can be for use at home, gym or sports training center. Below is the function of hypoxic generator:


1. Help prevent a person from acquiring altitude sickness during hike.

2. Encourage body to produce more red blood cells.

3. Improve Muscular endurance


Technical Parameter

ModelJAY-10H (with plastic casing)
Flow Rate0-10LPM
Oxygen Purity

93% (±3%)

Hypoxic flow100LPM
Hypoxic purity9-20.9%  (±3%)
Simulated Alititude0-6500M
Outlet Pressure0.04-0.07MPA
Sound Level≤50db
Power Consumption≤550W
LCD DisplayStarting times,Operating pressure, Present Working Time,Accumulating Time, presetting Time from 10mins to 40hours
AlarmPower failure alarm, High&Low pressure alarm,Temperature alarm
Net Weight27KG
OptionalOCSI, Pluse oximeter, monitor system


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