New Type All-In-One Multifunctional Oxygen Cocktail Machine

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Product Details

Oxygen cocktail conception:
Oxygen cocktail,namely oxygen mix drink, is to put oxygen (purity up to 90%)and foam-forming ingredients into kinds of fresh juice,beverage and become foam drink following with the mix of oxygen mixer. This kind of oxygen mix drink has layers, much like cocktail in appearance, so called oxygen cocktail.

Oxygen cocktail health benefits
1. Improves sleep and simulates intellectual work
2. Hope to get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome
3. Reduce fat
4. Improves and stabilizes the immune system
5. Optimizes gut microflora
6. It can improve the work of the heart-vascular system;
7. Detoxifies the body;
8. Improves the work of the liver and metabolism
9. Make one sleep more comfortably

Application place
Home, Oxygen Bar, Club, Beauty Salon, Gym, Massage Spa, clinics,hospital, school, etc

New type all-in-one multifunctional oxygen cocktail machine

It can not only mix but also can supply oxygen by itself.
It is one combine machine with oxygen concentrator systemand mixer inside.
It is more convenient to use than traditional separate oxygen concentrator and mixer.



Flow rate


Oxygen Purity


Power consumption



Present working time, Accumulating time



Sound level


Net Weight

9 kgs

Gross Weight

10 kgs

Machine Dimension (mm)

435 *240 *410


Four selector switches
1.only oxygen oxygen and mixer run together
2.only oxygen
3.Oxygen mixer
4. both stop

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