Oxygen Cocktail Device

The oxygen cocktail is a foamy substance containing a beverage drink(juice, milk, etc.) enriched in gaseous oxygen. It is the use of physical methods to put oxygen(purity more than 90%) into kinds of fresh juice, beverage, etc, making foam mixture.The pressure generted by the foam can promote oxygen absorption by the gastric mucosa, to supply the blood, the brain and organs of the body.

Product Details




Price FOB

1.Flow rate:2L

2.Oxygen purity:93%+-3%

3.Power consumption less than 90w

4.sound level less than 40DB

5.weight :8.5kg


AC220v+-10%,50/60 hz

AC110v+-10%,50/60 hz


Present working time


Accumulating time



USD340pc for Qty 1-50pcs

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