Oxygen Concentrator For Cocktail Making

Product introduction: JAY-OC1 product adopt pressure swing adsorption principle, which can separate oxygen, nitrogen and other gas from the air, at constant temperature, as soon as power is connected, the oxygen can be separated from air constantly. Oxygen is generated by pure physical method. The oxygen cocktail mixer can produce many cocktails in seconds with steady oxygen flowing out, safe and reliable, low cost. The key parts of the oxygen cocktail mixer adopt anti-tiring and anti-aging design, and the planned life of the whole cocktail mixer reaches up to 20,000 hours. There is no influence on indoor oxygen percent during the concentrator operating.

Product Details




Price FOB

1.Flow rate:2L

2.Oxygen purity:93%+-3%

3.Power consumption less than 90w

4.sound level less than 40DB

5.weight :8.5kg


AC220v+-10%,50/60 hz

AC110v+-10%,50/60 hz


Present working time


Accumulating time



USD370pc for Qty 1-50pcs

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