White Color Oxygen Cocktail

The oxygen cocktail is a foamy substance containing a beverage drink (juice, milk, etc.) enriched in gaseous oxygen.it is the use of physical methods to put oxygen (purity more than 90%) into kinds of fresh juice, beverage, etc, making foam mixture. the pressure generated by the foam can promote oxygen absorption by the gastric mucosa, to supply the blood, the brain and organs of the body. The drink is used as part of oxygen therapy by a number of Russian medical institutions; their research suggest that the drink, by supplying oxygen, reduces chronic fatigue syndrome and hypoxia and activates metabolism.This oxygen enriched drink, due to its fashion and health, has been very popular in Europe and America.

Product Details



1. Reduces fatigue, helps eliminating chronic fatigue syndrome;

2.Improves the sleep;

3. Anti-aging and Beauty maintenance;

4. Lose weight;

5. Optimizes the blood sugar concentration, increases the hemoglobin content;

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