10 Liters High Pressure Comperssor

Features 1.Swiftly filling Efficient and Convenient 2.Automatically stop filling when oxygen purity is low 3.Suitable for various oxygen bottles. 4.Absolute dry,clean and oil-free 5.High Compression Ratio.Service pressure is up to 138 Bar (2000psi/13.8MPa) 6.Small and light weight,easy and safe to operate. 7.Simple,reliable and easy maintenance. 8.Energy saving :Low power consumption. 9.Cost-Effective.

Product Details
Max.Flow 10LPM
Equip.Classification Class I TypeB
Sound Level ≤65dB
Power Consumption ≤500W 
Power supply AC220V/110V;50/60HZ    
Filling Pressure 2000PSI    
Filling time  6hours(15L cylinder) ;4hours(10L cylinder)  
Net Weight 60Kgs 
Size 460x460x740mm  
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