Factory Supply Ozone Generator For Industrial

Ozone generator for water treatment Our company has recently development and lunched this new product, namely,the ozone generator.This product can be widely applied in the fields of drinking water treatment,wastewater treatment,industrial oxidation process,food processing and agriculture.The ozone generating equipment is also suitable for being used in hospital,laboratories,laundries,etc.

Product Details

Ozone, which can be produced with our ozone generator, has high oxidizability and will make biochemical reactions with bacteria, viruses, pathogens and other microorganisms at a certain concentration. Therefore, ozone has the functions of oxidation, sterilization, color removal and odor removal. It is generally regarded as an effective sterilization and disinfection agent by people all over the world.

ozone generator

Main Features

  1. Ozone output: 8-28/h

  2. High ozone concentrator: >58mg/L

  3. Built in oxygen concentrator: >90% purification

  4. Applied in medical, laboratory, water purifying, laundry, agriculture, etc

  5. Compact assembly, it can be movable with wheel

If you're interested in the factory supply ozone generator for industrial, please feel free to buy the quality equipment made in China from our factory. As one of the world's leading suppliers in this field, we also offer the wholesale service and the price list consultation.
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