Oxygen Ozone Generator

Built-in oxygen generating system Ozone output: adjustable 8.0-28.0g/h continuous working

Product Details

Technical Specification:


Ozone Output : 28 g/h. Adjustable 8.0 ~ 28.0 g/h


Gas Flow: Adjustable 1.5 ~ 8.0L/min


Oxygen Purity: > 90 %


Output connections: 6.0 mm diameter


Continuous operation: 24 h/day


Cooling system: Air cooling, built-in 2x 80 CFM fans


Ozone generating method: Corona discharge


Input voltage: 220 V 50Hz (60 Hz optional)


Power input: 850w


Operating temperature: -10 deg C ~ +60 deg C


Storage temperature: -20 deg C ~ +70 deg C


Size:370 x 390 x 590 mm


Weight:42 Kg w/ stainless steel housin

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