Portable Beauty 10L Oxygen Concentrator

Portable Beauty 10L Oxygen Concentrator

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Portable Beauty 10L Oxygen Concentrator

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Oxygen facial machine is used for oxygen facials and body treatment. It is compact and portable, it hosts a powerful oxygen concentrator, able to deliver 90% pure oxygen. It comes with airbrush that let you nebuize on the skin oxygen together with specific natural cosmetics, oxygen facial machine is absolutely the smallest effiective oxygen jet machine for oxygen facials ans oxygen body treatments!

Oxygen facia machine product function

  1. remove wrinkles, slow down agine 

  2. activate cells, recover elasticity

  3. make up water, smooth and whiten skins

  4. remove face flaw, reduce all kinds of speckles

  5. dredge venation, advance circulation, accelerate metabolism

  6. can provide 93% pure oxygen treatment

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Why oxygen is good for the skin?

It is now a fashion area. People value their looks and try to make themselves beautiful. Many beauty-loving people go for beauty care, buying various cosmetics, and health products for maintenance and beauty. Life is inseparable from oxygen. The function of oxygen intake has been proven by more and more scientific research. In the repidly deveople modern society, domestic oxygen generators have been very popular and widely used by people. In particular, the price of demestic oxygen generators is also more in line with consumer spending. Can oxygen beauty be? Absorption of oxygen contributes to beauty, which has been proven by more and more scientific research. Inhalation enhances aerobic metabolism of human cells, strengthens skin nutrition, increases elasticity of sagging skin, reduces wrinkles, increases metabolism of skin cells, reduces melanin pigmentation, reduces freckle, and beautifies skin. To improve hair follicle nutrition, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Not only is the skin smooth after oxygen inhalation, but the whole person is refreshed, and health and beauty are correct.

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